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Movimento Sem Palhinhas (No Straws Movement)

NEYA Lisboa Hotel joins the Movement #sempalhinhas, founded by Inês Souto Gonçalves and coordinated by the team Por um Mundo Ideal, after having replaced the plastic straws with edible straws from Sorbos. This movement brought to Portugal the ideas of similar Movements already very successful internationally.

This movement has the mission to sensitize the population to the harmful impact that the straw have on the environment, being in the Top 10 of the polluting objects that are most in our beaches, putting in question the life of thousands of marine species. Because they are small and light, straw, do not pass in the mechanical recycling separators, thus ending up going to landfills or waterways and, finally, to the oceans.

The aim of NEYA is to sensitize its guests and customers about the impact that the use of plastic straws has on the environment, thus serving all beverages without straw. Only when the drink requires it (in the case of cocktails) or the customer asks for it, the usual plastic straw is replaced by a straw of Sorbos, which is 100% recyclable, from the paper wrapper to the straw, which is edible.

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