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NEYA replaces plastic straws


In the year of the Fight against Plastic Pollution, NEYA Lisboa Hotel, joins Sorbos, the first edible straw and 100% biodegradable in Portugal.

Plastic pollution is one of the most serious epidemics of the 21st century. It is estimated that more than 60% of non-reusable plastics are going to land in the oceans, threatening the lives of thousands of marine species.

Plastic straws are in the Top 10 polluting objects that are most found on our beaches and, in Portugal alone, more than 1 billion straws are used per year. The straws have the peculiarity of being very light to pass in the separators of mechanical recycling, thus ending up going to landfills or waterways and, finally, to the oceans.

"We know that hotels and restaurants are the biggest promoters of this object so harmful to the environment that it is unnecessary most of the time. If we already do an efficient waste management and we care about reducing our carbon footprint it does not make sense to continue to use plastic straw. "- reinforces the Quality, Environment and Safety Engineer, Pedro Teixeira. "In addition to combating plastic, our goal is to change our minds, making our guests more aware and making tourism more sustainable."

NEYA Lisboa Hotel, thus abolished the use of plastic straws in the hotel and in the Viva Lisboa restaurant, replacing them with the straws of Sorbos, a straw that is 100% biodegradable, but only when necessary or when requested by the client. "Our goal is not to give the customer an alternative to plastic, but to educate him about the impact that this item has on the environment." The entire composition of the Sorbos straw is 100% recyclable, from the paper wrap to the straw, which is edible, and is available in 7 different flavors besides the neutral. Sorbos is composed of corn starch, water, gelatin and sugar glass , has an energetic value of 23 kcal per straw and does not change the taste of the liquid, and can be used in any type of drink.

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